A downloadable game for Windows

Genre: Adventure
Engine: Unity 5
Platform: Windows x86 / x64

Description: A small indie toy on the passage of which will require no more than half an hour. Talk with the characters derived from these unique items, or bargain. Kill the evil creatures and get the loot. Explore the map and destroy the barrels. More is not required. The most important thing - get your cake! The game has only one ending, but how many options it passes!

Plot: After a long and busy day of birth, and his celebration of Dima went to bed and tried not to your cake. But while he slept a strange creature he kidnapped. Dima is necessary to find and try this cake!

RMB - to move the character
LMB - Meet / beat
Space - fireball
Shift - drop (does not always work)

The game is available in Russian and English languages.


Dima Adventure 3 x86.zip 64 MB
Dima Adventure 3 x64.zip 65 MB

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